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Giving your pets a complete vaccination program is an essential step towards a healthy immune system. A major way to protect your animals from common illnesses, thus helping them to live a long and healthy life.


Treatment- our staffs are well versed with their professions  and our patients are treated with utmost care and compassion.

Surgery- from minor to major operations, we do our best to repair and treat  injuries incurred.

Dental Care/Prophylaxis- Tartars and plaques leads to tooth and gum problems, halitosis and worst can lead to heart diseases, we recommend twice a year cleaning for your pets and monthly dental check up

Vaccination- for dogs- 2 weeks old- first deworming.

-4 weeks old- second deworming.

-6 weeks old- first vaccination.


-8th wk, 10th wk-second and third vaccination.

-12wk- Antirabies.

– deworming every 3 months and yearly boosters.

-For cats-5 wks to 6wks old – first deworming.

– 8wks- first vaccination and second deworming.

-11wks- second vaccination.

– 12wks – antirabies vaccination.

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